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90                             LETTERS   FROM   THE

afforded me great amusement.    The poor man is
desperately smitten.

I was invited to a third performance at Seaton
Delaval, in which he (Lord Strathmore) was to
take a part. The play was Othello; the Moor,
Lord Tyrconnel; her ladyship, Desdemona; Lord
Delaval, lago; and Lord Strathmore, Cassio. It
was very indifferently acted by all except Lord
Delaval. The farce was No Song, no Supper9 and
fat Spearman's coming out of the sack covered
with flour was very laughable.

April yd, 1791.

The whole company of players from Seaton
Delaval are encamped at Gibside. I dined there,
and found them as merry and jovial as ever. I
hear that d'Hancarville has run away from Paris
eighty thousand pounds in debt, leaving his china
and books to his creditors. His fine story of
M. d'Anglade making him his heir was all a
catch, upon the strength of which he borrowed
money to raise the wind, took up furniture, &c.
He is now incognito at Rome, as Mr. Jenkins
writes word, but has had a hint that he must be